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Hello! It is my pleasure to welcome you my website. This site is dedicated to the research and promotion of the history of Blacks in Comics.


As a comic book historian, researcher, collector and fan, I have spent many years tracking this subject. Since the early 1980s I have given presentations across the United States and around the world. I have taken my traveling educational exhibit on Blacks in Comics to a variety of venues. These include elementary school classrooms, public libraries, international conventions and scholarly conferences. Please contact me if you are interested in bringing this exhibit to a venue near you.


I have promised to keep this site updated on a more regular basis with current information on my presentations, books and research.


This website is a very important way that I can share my research with a world wide audience. I encourage you to check in often as I explore new areas of information. Finally in Full Color will only reach its full potential when it is interactive. Because of the scope of the topic, I realize I cannot possibly handle it all on my own. My aim is to be more of a “Guide on the side” than a “Sage on the stage.”


Some people have questioned whether or not it is still necessary to have research dedicated exclusively to Blacks in comics. It’s a fair question that I answer in a simple and straightforward manner. Blacks were deliberately left out of American society for many years. In comics, in those rare occasions where we were included, we were misrepresented as savages, cannibals, simpletons, and worst. It is my intent to document this history and how it is being re-written every day to reflect a more truth.


You are invited to join me on this quest. Together we can not only preserve history, but make it as well.

Prof. William H. Foster III
Comic Book Historian

It's About Time!!!

Speaking of updates, allow me to announce my new venture, The Black Comix Shoppe!  Finally I can offer a service to others I have planned for many years – a definitive resource for all items related to Blacks in comics. That includes comic books, original art, posters, trading cards, action figures, and more!


Watch this space for more details regarding ordering, shipping and payment options.